New Dentist Think Tank

New Dentist Think Tank

Are you a young dentist who wants to get involved in WSDA's program development for yourself and your peers? Consider joining the New Dentist Think Tank!

What Is the New Dentist Think Tank?

WSDA's New Dentist Think Tank, comprised of both current dental students and WSDA members 0-10 years out of dental school or a graduate program, is tasked with representing the interests and concerns of new dentists. A "new dentist" is defined as anyone who has been out of dental school for less than 10 years.

Participants are vital in helping develop the curriculum for the WSDA Academy and will also be called upon to discuss ongoing policies and programs.

The Think Tank meets twice per year, with additional conference calls as needed. All program costs will be paid by WSDA including airfare, hotels, meals and transportation.

Please contact Kainoa Trotter at for more information.

Current Members

Dr. Casey Carmody
Dr. Joshua Carpenter
Dr. Luke Daining
Dr. Elizabeth Davis
Mr. Hakan Gem
Dr. Michael Giardino
Dr. Elissa Johnson
Dr. Chris Lee
Dr. Ivy Lin
Dr. Rica Mackert
Dr. Kevin McCoy

Dr. Molly McIntosh
Dr. Imahn Moin
Dr. Aleem Noor
Dr. Tofunmi Osundeko
Dr. Christina Pham
Dr. Oleg Shvartsur
Dr. Elizabeth Stanko
Dr. Danny Tremblay
Dr. Kim Trieu
Dr. Joe Vaughn
Ms. Julie Vu
Ms. Kathie Wang
Dr. David Zhu