Meet WA CE Requirements | Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (PNDC)
Meet CE Requirements

The following sessions satisfying Washington state continuing education requirements are offered at PNDC 2020.

Suicide Prevention

Beginning August 1, 2020, licensed Washington dentists and hygienists must complete a one-time training for suicide assessment that includes screening, referral, and imminent harm via lethal means elements. The training must be at least three hours long.

Opioid Prescribing

Licensed Washington dentists who prescribe opioids must complete a one-time CE requirement regarding best practices in the prescribing of opioids and DQAC’s opioid prescribing rules. The CE must be at least three hours long.

Minimal Sedation

Licensed Washington dentists who administer minimal sedation must participate in seven hours of CE every five years.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Dental staff providing direct patient care in an in-office or outpatient setting must hold a current and valid healthcare provider basic life support (BLS) certification. Certification is good for two years.