Endodontic Skills | Hands-On Workshop

  • Thu, May 28, 2020 | 2:00 PM - Thu, May 28, 2020 | 5:00 PM

John West, DDS, MSDJohn West, DDS, MSD

CE Credits:
Fee: $395

No one teaches how to “DO” endodontics. Most articles and presentations leave the clinician with a lot of knowledge but no understanding and no plan, such as: “I know where I am with my patient’s endodontic treatment, I know where I am going, I can measure when I have finished, and if I am not reaching the successful finish, I know what to do differently.” This is an endodontic skills workshop of a lifetime — a blueprint for success. What you learn will immediately make your endodontics more predictable, easier, more efficient, simpler, more productive, and FUN!

Attendance at "Increasing the Skills of Predictable Endodontics" lecture.
Supplies Needed: Participants must bring SIX endodontically accessed mature teeth.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn the skill of the four manual motions of Glidepath preparation.
  • Learn the magic of Gold technology in both Rotary and Reciprocation.
  • Learn the art and skill of Conefit for predicable and easy 3D obuturation.

Subject: ​Endodontics
Primary Audience(s): Dentist

Speaker Bio

Dr. West is the founder and director of the Center for Endodontics, and one of dentistry’s most respected endodontic clinicians and educators.