Endodontic Diagnosis: “Mystery or Mastery?”

Endodontic Diagnosis: “Mystery or Mastery?”

  • Sat, Nov 13, 2021 | 8:00 AM - Sat, Nov 13, 2021 | 9:30 AM

John West, DDS, MSD 

Subject: Endodontics
Primary Audience(s): Dentist
Additional Audience(s): N/A

CE Credits: 1.5

Imagine in the theatre of your mind that you are with your favorite patient preparing six anterior veneers, with your favorite dental assistant, and the treatment is prepaid. You are going to truly enjoy this visit without interruptions and with huge patient value. Only there is one big problem: half-way through the preps things change dramatically…

Now your least favorite patient walks into your office with a severely swollen face demanding to see “the doctor” as she has been up all night and now is having trouble breathing. What do you do that is efficient, diagnoses the situation, leads you to a swift emergency treatment plan, predictably relieves her pain and, all while, your favorite patient does not even know about it? They feel they have your full attention. Worth 90 minutes of your time to learn the skill of endodontic diagnosis and emergency treatment mastery? Your patients think so!

The benefit to you and your patients of learning John’s immediately applicable Diagnosis and Emergency Flowchart will help grow your practice by allowing you to perform your best six veneers plus simultaneously gain the trust and appreciation of a new patient who has, by the way, 37 nearby adult family members that are looking for a “good dentist.”

The Good Dentist is You.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and immediately apply the Six Critical Clinical Distinctions of Endodontic Diagnosis.
  • Learn how to efficiently and effectively administer the Dozen Clinical Tests.
  • Diagnose the $100,000 “Cracked Tooth Syndrome” patients that are in your practice right now!


Dr. West is the founder and director of the Center for Endodontics, and one of dentistry’s most respected endodontic clinicians and educators.

PACE Approval 2019