Hygiene Superstar 2021 Part 2 | Repeat

Hygiene Superstar 2021 Part 2 | Repeat

  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021 | 3:30 PM - Fri, Nov 12, 2021 | 5:00 PM

Mike Czubiak, DDS 

Subject: Hygiene
Primary Audience(s): Hygienist
Additional Audience(s): Dentist, EFDA/Dental Assistant, Front Office

CE Credits: 1.5

We’ve been there before. Armed only with our scalers, curettes, and prophy paste. Backed up by our pleadings: “You need to floss more." That was all we had to fight off the most common infectious disease in the world. Did it really ever feel like enough? This course will discuss the latest knowledge, tools, and products that allow Hygiene Superstars to give periodontal disease the fight that it deserves. Learn how to become a Hygiene Superstar by moving past just doing cleanings and instead start changing lives.

Learning Objectives

  • See why the future is GBT, PT, LBR, O3, LANAP, MFT, and other career-changing acronyms.
  • Learn how to customize therapy and home care recommendations to each individual.
  • Change the clinical goals of the hygiene appointment in light of more modern thinking regarding periodontal disease and inflammation reduction.


Dr. Mike is a general dentist, author, and podcaster. He graduated from UCLA in 1988 and created a complete health practice in Camarillo, California. He wrote the book Hygiene Superstar to illuminate the connection between oral health and overall health. He loves talking about inflammation reduction, airway, culture, and leadership. He can be heard hosting 3 podcasts – Uncomfortable Dental Conversations, Hygiene Superstar, and the Camarillo Smiles Dental Podcast.

PACE Approval 2019