WSDA Staff

Stephen Hardymon
Executive Director
Contact Steve about Association governance and leadership, the Board of Directors, House of Delegates and task forces.

Amanda Tran
Senior Vice President/Assistant Executive Director
Contact Amanda about the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference and other WSDA events.

Bracken Killpack
Vice President of Government Affairs
Contact Bracken about WSDA's legislative agenda, policy, grassroots advocacy, and DentPAC.
Peter Aaron
Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Contact Peter for financial matters regarding the WSDA, WDIA and WOHF.

Alan Wicks
General Counsel
Contact Alan with legal questions concerning the practice of dentistry.

Kainoa Trotter
Vice President of Communications
Contact Kainoa for general information on WSDA Membership, benefits and questions concerning the WSDA endorsed company program.

Laura Rohlman
Manager of Membership Services 
Contact Laura for new membership questions, information about the UWSoD Mentor Program and all questions regarding WSDA accounts with Verizon Wireless.

Brenda Berlin
Vice President of Operations
Contact Brenda about WSDA administration, Board of Directors, House of Delegates, I.T., building operations, and bylaws.

Robert Bahnsen
Art Director/Managing Editor
Contact Rob with publications questions related to production, advertising opportunities in the WSDA News and general website questions.

Michael Walsh
Government Affairs Coordinator
Contact Michael with questions about peer review, policy, legislation, regulatory research and complaints

Emily Lovell
Public Policy Coordinator

Craig Mathews
Manager of Continuing Education & Speaker Services
Contact Craig about Pacific Northwest Dental Conference Lectures and Workshops, as well as WSDA Webinars.

Katie Olson
Exhibits & Sponsorship Coordinator
Contact Katie for exhibits and sponsorship at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference.

Joline Hartman
Contact Joline about accounts payable or receivable and dues.

Gilda Snow
Office Coordinator
Contact Gilda for general information about the WSDA.

Ruth Abate
Director of Operations and Community Outreach
Washington Oral Health Foundation
Contact Ruth regarding general information, Adopt-a-School, Outreach.

Launa Lea
Oral Health Education Programs Coordinator
Washington Oral Health Foundation 
Contact Launa regarding oral health education and presentations.

Jiwon Kang
AmeriCorps Volunteer/Oral Health Programs Coordinator
Washington Oral Health Foundation
Contact Jiwon regarding the Adopt-a-School program.

Jennifer Black
Director of Operations * WDIA 
Contact Jennifer about operational infrastructure of systems, processes, sales and administration team, carrier relationships, non-routine communications and/or escalated service situations.

Matt French
Director of Insurance Services * WDIA
Contact Matt about disability, life, long term care, medical insurance and NORDIC. 

Kerri Seims
Assistant Director of Insurance Services * WDIA
Contact Kerri about disability, life, long term care, medical insurance and NORDIC. 

Megan French
Office Manager * WDIA
Contact Megan with general questions.

Susan Young
Medical Insurance Specialist * WDIA
Contact Susan about medical insurance.

Dru Romero
Production Assistant * WDIA
Contact Dru about disability and life insurance.

Leslie Nielsen
Office Assistant * WDIA
Contact Leslie about disability and life insurance and NORDIC.

Marisa Connell
Office Assistant * WDIA
Contact Marisa about ERISA bonds and long term care insurance.