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WISHA & OSHA Compliance

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) is responsible for administering the requirements under WISHA for dentists.

All dentists must comply with WISHA/DOSH standards. These standards can be found here:  Chapters 296-24 and 296-62 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).  There are also administrative rules covering record keeping, posting of certain documents, and other paperwork requirements that must be followed by all employers (Chapters 296-27 and 296-900 WAC).

To become compliant a dentist can request that a safety and health consultant from L&I come to your office and analyze your employee safety and accident prevention programs at no cost. The dentist will be offered suggestions to become compliant. 

A consultation from L&I involves:

  • An opening conference with management to explain the denitst's rights and obligations.
  • A walk-through survey to evaluate the hazards of the workplace and work practices, and an evaluation of your office's accident prevention program.
  • A closing conference with management to discuss any conditions noted during the survey and to make recommendations.
  • A written report describing any conditions found and any recommendations or agreements made.
  • A follow-up visit, if appropriate, to assure that any necessary corrections have been made.

Click the following link to find a consultant in your area:

A private company, Harris Biomedical, also offers complience services.