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Surety Bonds

WDIA offers several types of bonds for dental offices:

ERISA/ Fidelity Bonds 

ERISA Bonds protect the money in your pension, profit-sharing and 401(k) accounts.  As part of Federal ERISA regulation, you must have 10% of the money in your office retirement plan covered by an ERISA Bond.

If you have a Business Owners Policy through NORDIC, you already have $25,000 of ERISA coverage, so you would not need to purchase a bond until your retirement plan is worth over $250,000.

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Employee theft costs business owners over $40 billion every year.  Employee Dishonesty Bonds protect you from losses due to theft by employees.  Bonds are available for amounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. 

Medicare Bonds

A bond is required if you sell products that are billed to Medicare or Medicaid.  Dental procedures do not require a bond.