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This committee is composed of the WSDA president, president-elect, vice president, immediate past president, chairman of DentPAC, legislative director and two at-large members elected by the House of Delegates for staggered two-year terms.


Chair: Dr. Gregory Y. Ogata, President (2015)
Dr. Bryan C. Edgar, President-elect (2015)
Dr. D. Michael Buehler, Secretary-Treasurer (2015)
Dr. David M. Minahan, Immediate Past President (2015)
Dr. Michael W. Huey (2016)
Ms. Halee Hyatt (2015)
Dr. John C. Lo (2015)
Dr. Michael Spektor, DentPAC Chair (2014)
Dr. Miki Suetsugu (2017)
Dr. Daniel Tremblay (2015)