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Regulatory FAQ > General FAQ Questions > How many hours of continuing education are required a year to satisfy the state licensure requirement? What are some examples of courses and methods that satisfy this requirement?

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The state requires that licensed dentists complete twenty-one clock hours of continuing education (CE) during the 12 months preceding the dentist’s annual renewal date.  DQAC does not approve or authorize specific CE courses, but continuing education is defined as courses offered or authorized by industry recognized state, private, national and international organizations, agencies or institutions of higher learning.  WAC 246-817-440 provides a list of sponsors and types of courses that are accepted as CE.  The list includes:

  • Courses provided by the ADA, WSDA, and component societies as well as specialty and other dentistry affiliated professional organizations
  • First Aid, CPR, and other emergency related training
  • Courses related to dental practice organization and management
  • Provision of clinical dental services in a formal volunteer capacity when preceded by an educational/instructional training

 As of 2006, DQAC allows up to seven hours of CE by self-study, if the CE includes a self-assessment. DQAC increased the number of self-study hours that can count towards the yearly CE requirement at the request of WSDA.

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