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Regulatory FAQ > General FAQ Questions > Are there restrictions on hiring minors to work in a dental office after school or during the summer?

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There are some restrictions on the duties a minor can perform in a dental office, particularly surrounding bloodborne pathogens. Essentially, minors cannot perform any job where they can come into contact with blood or any other bodily fluid or tissue, unless they are students in a healthcare education program. This does not restrict them from working at a dental office, but does restrict duties they can perform. WAC 296-125-030 (24) specifies that minors cannot work in:

Occupations where there is a risk of exposure to bodily fluids or transmission of infectious agents, including but not limited to hepatitis and HIV…including lab work which entails the cleaning of medical equipment used to draw or store blood or other contaminated tissue; duties which involve venipuncture; and duties involving work with laundry from health care facilities; unless the minor is a student in a bona fide health care career training or vocational education program.

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