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On Friday, January 17, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) held their first public meeting of 2014 to discuss ongoing business before the commission. Here are the highlights:

- The commission approved the draft language for General Anesthesia and deep sedation rules (WAC 246-817-770). The rules will now enter the second of three rulemaking phases. The modified rules would change the monitoring requirements when dentists administer general anesthesia and deep sedation. Public comments relating to the proposed rules can be submitted to Department of Health (DOH) staff before the cutoff date of February 21, 2014. The commission will review all public comments at their March 7, 2014 meeting. The complete draft rule can be viewed here.

- Modified rules for Graduates of nonaccredited (WAC 246-817-160) schools were submitted. Under the proposed rules, applicants who are graduates of non-CODA accredited dental schools would be eligible for examination if they submit the necessary initial eligibility and application materials, provide an official school transcript or diploma with their dental degree listed (transcribed in English if necessary), and show evidence of successful completely of at least two additional predoctorial or postdoctoral academic years of dental education at a school approved by commission. The cutoff date to submit public comments is February 21, 2014. The commission will review all public comments at their March 7, 2014 meeting. The complete draft rule can be viewed here.

- At their December 2013 meeting, the commission approved the proposed Dental Treatment Record rule modifications. The new modifications were filed on January 27 and are now in their second phase of rulemaking. The commission will hold a rules hearing on April 18, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. to accept comments supporting or opposing the proposed rules. Written comments may also be submitted online. A copy of the proposed rules can be viewed here. WSDA will continue to track the proposed rules and inform members of all future public hearings associated with dental treatment records.

- Modified rules for Acts than can be performed by licensed dental hygienists under general supervision are entering their final stage of rulemaking. WAC 246-817-550 had to be modified with the passage of House Bill 1330 which allows licensed dental hygienists to apply topical anesthetic. Both WSDA and the Hygiene Association supported HB 1330. The modified rules have been delivered to the Secretary of Health and are awaiting approval.

- Lastly, the commission has submitted a request to modify WAC 246-817-701, relating to administration of anesthetic agents for dental procedures, specifically modification of monitoring and equipment necessary during the administration of anesthetic agents. If approved by the Secretary of Health, DQAC’s Anesthesia Committee will convene to begin modifying the current rules.

Should you have any additional questions regarding legal and regulatory issues, please contact WSDA's Government Affairs Coordinator, Mike Walsh at or 800-448-3368.


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