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Radiation Protection: Updated Notice to Employees

The Office of Radiation Protection at the Washington State Department of Health recently updated their Notice to Employees. Updated versions in both English and Spanish are now available. Click here to download an updated notice. Please note that this notice must be posted in a visible location in your office, such as a break room. The updates to this notice are minimal and it is not mandatory that you post the updated version. The updated version is simply more legible, can be used as a “fillable form” and contains a DOH publication number. 

If you would like to post the updated version of this notice, please read the following information:

When filling out the Notice to Employees, please be sure to list under employer requirements as the location where all required documents are available. 

The Radioactive Materials License Number does not apply to dentists, as they are not required to annually inform their employees of radiation exposure due to the low exposure levels in dental offices. 

Your X-Ray Registration number can be found on your latest inspection results. If you are unable to locate these results, you can call 1-800-299-9729 or email to obtain your registration number. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call Emily Lovell at 206-973-5241 or email her at

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