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Washington State Dental Association

We Need You in Olympia on Friday, January 31

With a little more than three weeks before our biggest legislative effort of the year, it is exciting to see that we already have some 300 registrants for Dental Action Day!  Thank you to those that have registered! You are true leaders for the profession in Washington.

We need to continue the push for even more participation — the entire UWSoD student body has been encouraged to be in Olympia, and we need to have WSDA members there in force, as well.

This year's agenda promotes interaction between students and practitioners — let’s optimize our participation and show our legislators how unified we are. I realize we have little time in our busy schedules, and many of us are procrastinators, but please help by attending and calling a colleague or two to go with you. Help us show our legislators the strength of our convictions by converging on Olympia with us on January 31st!

The House of Delegates validated our legislative agenda, and now we need to educate our legislators on the value of funding dental residencies as the logical, cost-effective alternative to any type of midlevel provider model. No other model comes close to providing care to the underserved citizens of our state.  We need to acknowledge the legislator's efforts in reestablishing adult dental Medicaid — which not only helps provide a dental safety net for our most vulnerable citizens, but also aids the education of our UW Dental students.  At the same time, we need to continue to advocate for a more reasonable Medicaid reimbursement schedule that will encourage meaningful participation by our membership.

Thank you to all of you for your service to our Association and for your participation in Dental Action Day! Reach out to a colleague or two to join you at our Capitol!


Dr. David Minahan


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