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 At two recent events, WSDA member dentists, their staff, and other volunteers rallied to deliver oral health care to adults who normally would have limited or no access. Since the loss of adult dental Medicaid two years ago, adults have had to go without all but emergent care in the state, leaving area dentists to do all they can to fill in the gaps.

Kirkland dentists rally
In Kirkland, dentists have been providing care to a local tent city for the three years, treating most of the 70 residents who call the makeshift camp home. On April 13, more than 29 dental professionals treated 27 of the shelter’s residents, providing in excess of $45,000 in dental care — including  dentures, partials, extractions, fillings, and more. Participants including Drs. Ellen Reh, Jeffrey Zent, Donald Stewart, Benjamin Dorantes and Chris Allemand worked with staff volunteers Jennifer O’Donnell, Christy Allemand, Dawn Stewart, Amy Talor, Lilly Garcia, Alma Garcia, and Becky Miller in this successful annual event.

Organizers Ellen Reh and Jeffrey Zent coordinate the event with the help of the international aid group Smile Power, and would like area dentists to know that they can help the cause by donating their time and expertise. For information about volunteering, please visit

Clark County dentists turn their attention to adults
Clark County dentists have banded together for years to provide dental care to all of the area’s uninsured children. Their efforts have been so successful that nearly all local children have access to regular oral health care. Now, they hope to do the same for the adult population in the area, by producing their first Adult Dental Health day in conjunction with the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington. The clinic has provided free, compassionate, quality basic health and dental care to children and adults who are otherwise unable to access such services for the past 20 years.

On Saturday, April 20, WSDA member dentists Drs. Kyle Ostenson, John Sundell, Justin Hollar, Brandon Rehrer, Judith Ris, Brian Alder, and Kirk Shillinger, along with Drs. Kevin Low, Leanna Gordon and Donald Lunt worked with a phalanx of volunteers to treat 71 patients. As a group they performed more than $45,000 in dental care, including 63 fillings and 131 extractions. One patient posted this to her Facebook page “I had the greatest experience this morning by Dr. Shillinger and his assistants. I had four very deep fillings done. Everyone there was extremely compassionate and professional. I am extremely grateful for the selfless volunteers! God bless you!”

Join the crusade — give back!
To find out how you can help in your community, call or email Ruth Abate of WOHF at (206) 973-5229 or

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