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WOHF’s Annual Phone-A-Thon is their biggest fund raiser

New this year — more callers
The WOHF Phone-A-Thon has always been the organization’s biggest fundraiser, carried out by a cadre of dentists dedicated to the work the Foundation does around the state. And while WOHF staffers are relying on some of those same folks again this year, they’re also organizing callers from around the state who will ring up their colleagues throughout the month of March on behalf of the Foundation. “We’re hoping that by spreading out our calls over a month and employing a regional approach to calling, we’ll be able to reach more members from across the state than ever,” said Tom Tidyman, Director of Programming and Development for WOHF. 

Reaching out
This year Tidyman and Ruth Abate, Director of Operations and Community Outreach for the Foundation, have a second goal for the event: they want to pick your brain about what is needed in your community. “Along with the appeal, we thought it was more important than ever to ask dentists what we can do for them,” Abate said recently. 

WOHF wants to support communities across the state to fulfill its mission of improving and enhancing oral health in Washington — but to be effective, the organization needs ambassadors in every corner of the state, illuminating the needs specific to your community. The Foundation provides programming and distributes oral hygiene kits to schools, organizes and serves as liaison between providers like Medical Teams International vans and the communities in need, and provides resources for WSDA members to use in their communities to help get the word out about oral hygiene and tobacco cessation.  

Tell WOHF what you need 
So, this year, when you get a call from a dentist volunteer asking you for a donation to the Washington Oral Health Foundation, take a moment to think about what needs your community has, and give that information to the person calling. Tidyman said, “Tell us how we can work together and achieve that goal. We’re eager to partner with member dentists across the state.” Contact Tidyman or Abate at or  



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