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As part of Give Kids A Smile month in the state, the Washington Oral Health Foundation has been reaching out to members and offering assistance, materials, and hygiene kits free of charge.  WOHF Directors Ruth Abate and Tom Tidyman want members to know there’s still time to hold a successful GKAS event in February — and that the WOHF is committed to partnering with member dentists across the state to make it happen.  Abate says, “We received more than 1,000 hygiene kits from the ADA, and we’re eager to share them with members to distribute at their GKAS events.” Abate is coordinating and scheduling one office’s entire event, and is serving as the  liaison between parents and yet another practice. 

Additionally, the Foundation has been busy with presentations across the state, including one on January 24 at West Auburn High School, where the Foundation presented to more than 70 students. “The message was about the dangers of tobacco and meth on oral health and overall health,” said Tidyman, “The school’s health teacher asked us to present this information, since so many of these students have been exposed to tobacco and meth, and most likely know someone addicted.” That same night, WOHF volunteers from the University of Washington’s TEETH Club (Teaching Ethnic Empowerment Towards Health Care) presented oral health education and prevention materials at the Hamilton International Middle School Science Night — where there were more than 700 in attendance. Tidyman says, “Families with children of all ages stopped by the WOHF displays and engaged with WOHF volunteers from the TEETH Club.” He continued, saying, “It’s an interesting group from the University — their mission is to help students with under-represented status gain admission into dental school.”
There’s Still Time to Host a Successful GKAS Event - WOHF wants to help!
The Washington Oral Health foundation is helping dental offices across the state plan and organize their Give Kids A Smile event. Could your office use their help, too? Please contact Ruth at, or call 800-448-3368.

Have An Event in the Works? We want to publicize it!
Make sure you send us information about your event - how many kids attended, how many dentists and staff members participated (and their names) and a rough estimate of the amount of free dental care done — along with a picture or two (the largest files size you have available). We’ll make sure you and your event are published in the WSDA News! For more information, please contact Ruth at, or call 800-448-3368.


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