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Advisory Vote Related to Dental Insurance on Your November Ballot

Now that your general election ballot has arrived in your mailbox, you may have noticed that there is an advisory vote related to dentistry called Advisory Vote 5. Advisory votes are now required to be on your ballot because of the passage of Initiative 960 in 2007. These votes are non-binding and do not change state law. They simply provide the legislature with advice on whether a tax increase should be repealed or maintained. Voting to repeal means you do not favor the tax increase. Voting to maintain means you favor a tax increase.

Advisory Vote 5 is on the November ballot because House Bill 1846 was passed during the 2013 legislative session. HB 1846 was passed to clarify the state rule making process on how pediatric dental benefits can be offered outside of the health benefit exchange in 2015. Another provision of the bill removed a tax exemption afforded to pediatric dental services. This means insurance carriers will pay a higher tax on income they receive for pediatric dental services.

HB 1846 was passed almost unanimously by the Washington State Legislature and the final bill had no opposition from any lobbying organizations. WSDA monitored the bill but remained neutral on the legislation.

Any member questions about Advisory Vote 5 or any other legislative issues can be directed to WSDA Vice President of Government Affairs Bracken Killpack at

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