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How does this affect me, my family, and my staff as health care consumers?

Click here to go to part one of this series on the Affordable Care Act

This series is intended to be a thorough overview of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Washington state. 2014 will bring about several changes in health care; some of these changes will be uniform across the country, while others will be relatively unique to Washington state. WSDA hopes this document will help you navigate these changes and prepare you and your staff for what lies ahead. Throughout the series, there may be terms and phrases you are unfamiliar with — we invite you to bookmark the glossary we created to clarify terminology used.

   WSDA would like to thank everyone who helped develop this important document. Many hours were spent by the staff of WSDA and WDIA to create and answer the questions listed in this report. WSDA would also like to thank Ryan Greenway, CPA from Greenway & Company for his assistance in answering many of the tax related questions in this report.

The following are the four most important items we hope the membership takes away from this report:

• The insurance mandate is on individuals and not employers. Employers with less than 50 full time employees (FTEs) are not required to offer medical insurance to their employees.

• Starting in January, all children in Washington state will be required to have dental coverage. Adults are not required to purchase dental insurance under the ACA.

• Tax credits and subsidies for purchasing medical insurance will be available for individuals and employers (More details are provided in the Q&A section).

• Staff at WDIA and WSDA are always available to help answer your questions. You can reach WDIA by calling 800-282-9342 and you can reach WSDA by calling 800-448-3368.
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