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Interested in running for elected office in the WSDA? Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Douglas Walsh, Immediate Past President of the WSDA and Chair, Task force on Nominations, has put out a call for recommendations for elected positions within the Association. Submission deadline is June 21, 2012.
The House of Delegates of the Washington State Dental Association is scheduled  September 13-15, 2012 in Walla Walla. Elective position descriptions are available upon request.  During the meeting, the House will fill the following elective offices (terms are for one year unless otherwise specified).  
· President-elect: One year and three-year term as ADA Delegate
· Vice President: One year, and one-year term as an ADA Delegate
· Board of Directors: Four positions, three-year terms
· Committee on Budget and Finance: One position, four-year term
· Committee on Government Affairs: One position, three-year term
· Delegates to the ADA House: Two  positions, three-year terms beginning January 2013
Procedure for Submitting Recommendations

In accordance with a resolution passed by the 1994 House of Delegates, nominations for these vacancies must be submitted to the Association Office no later than 12 weeks before the first day of the House of Delegates, June 21, 2012. The Task Force on Nominations will meet soon to formulate recommendations for elective offices, so it is imperative that nominations be submitted in a timely fashion.
Forms and Photos - Get the forms here
Members interested in running for elective offices must fill out the forms from the nomination packet link above.
· Completed biographical questionnaire for each prospective candidate.
· A statement from the candidate of 250 words or less on his or her reasons for running for office, sent by email. This will be used in the WSDA News and with materials distributed to delegates.  Please note, submissions longer than 250 will be edited at our discretion.
· A color, high resolution (300 dpi or greater) head-and-shoulders photograph of each candidate, suitable for publication in the WSDA News.
· A conflict of interest statement signed by the candidate.
· A disclosure of dental affiliations form.
To be considered, each submission must contain all of these elements.
Background Information
Bylaws provisions for the available positions are enclosed. The WSDA bylaws provide that “no person shall be elected to the office of President-elect, Vice President, or Secretary-Treasurer who has not been a member for the preceding five consecutive years.” The Task Force on Nominations cannot list any member for office unless the member has signified willingness to serve. Recommendations from component societies are of great assistance to the Task Force on Nominations in its deliberations and are greatly appreciated.
Terms of Office
All terms begin when the WSDA House adjourns on September 15, 2012, with the exception of the ADA Delegates whose terms begin on January 1, 2013.  
For additional information, please contact Amanda Tran at (800) 448-3368 or e-mail


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