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We had a great turnout for this years’ annual Mentor Reception which was held in association with the UW Dental Alumni group and sponsored by WDIA and ASDA. The Mentor Reception is held to provide students and their mentors a chance to meet face-to-face as busy schedules often only allow for phone calls or emails to be exchanged.

Looking to revamp the program, which is in its 19th year, we moved the event to the Burke Museum which was met with great reviews and provided an excellent atmosphere for the evening. With nearly 100 students and mentors in attendance, it was a fun evening that saw attendees talk shop but also get to know each other on a more personal level. Dr. Joel Berg, dean of the UW School of Dentistry and Dr. Danny Warner, WSDA president, both gave great insights into the benefits of the program in which 110 UW SoD students are currently participating in.

Thank you to all of our members currently participating in this invaluable program. With your help we were able to get all the student requests for mentors filled.

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