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IT'S EASY BEING GREEN: An Interview With Stuart Silk Architects and George Constantine

For years, conservation and going green meant sharing an objectionable esthetic with tree huggers, Kalso Earth Shoes and the Cadillac Cimarron (anyone remember these? Parrish, you don’t count). And even some recent efforts seemed to have skipped the design phase entirely, with Kriston Capps noting in The American Prospect in 2009, “The field of architecture is experiencing a design crisis, with clients ranging from private owners to cities demanding that architects prioritize sustainability above all else — as if design itself were an obnoxious carbon-emitter.”

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DENTAL RESIDENCIES: Their benefit to patient populations and practice stability

 Left to right: Drs. Bart Johnson, Amy Winston and Noah Letwin of Seattle Special Care Dentistry, and the Swedish Hospital GPR. Photo: Meryl Schenker Photography

Dental schools across the country do a remarkable job of educating the next generation of dentists, but as sound as those programs are, recent graduates could all benefit from additional practice, mentoring, and education. Cuts to Medicaid have diminished patient loads in the university setting, forcing students to scramble to complete clinic requirements, often performing procedures on extracted teeth rather than live patients. It’s unclear at this point when state legislatures will revisit Medicaid funding. General Practice Residencies (GPR) and their counterparts, Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD), could hold the key to providing the additional education, while at the same time increasing access to underserved patient populations in the state.

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Words and images: UW STUDENTS IN HAITI 

Ed. note: When we learned that UW students would be heading to Haiti, we asked them to write about the people they helped while they were there ­— to tell their stories of courage. Four students — Mehak Ahluwalia, Sean Collette, Esther Ra and  Ryan Zentz  — did just that. Here, in their own words and pictures, are their experiences. 

Mehak Ahluwalia
As I stepped out of the plane onto the terminal I felt a gust of warm wind and the faint sound of the steel drums floating through the air. “Wow,” I thought, “I really must be spending my Spring break in the Caribbean!” Although we certainly landed on a Caribbean Island, our team had just arrived into the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti. 

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Few people run triathlons, or have qualified for the Olympic trials. Even fewer of those are women, but WSDA member Dr. Linda Edgar did all of that in the 80s — and had it not been for an accident while training for the Hawaii Ironman, she might still be running today. The drive and perseverance that Linda harnessed throughout her life has carried her through both triumph and personal loss to where she is today — a successful dentist who has practiced for 22 years with her husband, Bryan, and is now poised to become president of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) — the second-largest dental association in the country. 

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