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   I recently found that the Washington Dental Service is paying for all of the University of Washington student’s clinical boards. At first I thought there must be some mistake. Surely it was the charitable WDS Foundation that must be giving the gift. After all, it has given $2.4 million dollars to charity. The Puget Sound Business Journal lists the Foundation ninth in their top 75 corporate philanthropists. Nope, the gift was not from the Foundation. It was from WDS.

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In 1864, the ADA recognized dentist Horace Wells for introducing anesthesia to the United States.

Anesthesia — in gas, liquid and solid form — has always played a vital role in the delivery of dental care. In October, ADA House of Delegates had a rousing debate over Resolution 16, which would have recognized dental anesthesia as a specialty. It lost. I rarely indulge in post mortems on resolutions but this one still bothers me.

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Parrish or Perish: DHATs, devotees, dilettantes and doofeses

 The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or official policy of the WSDA. By Dr. Jeff Parrish
This month’s ramblings are purposely being composed prior to the 2012 House of Delegates, where your representatives are considering a proposal to support in the Legislature, if necessary, the creation of a midlevel provider: the DHAT (Dental Health Aide Therapist), Enhanced EFDA, Dental Nurse or some other appropriate or deceptive name.  The name is not important, nor really is the outcome of the vote by the House. They are not that important because the process will continue with or without us, and what’s happening now is just another phase in a long march. In truth, this and similar other battles have been fought for decades; I know because I have been in the middle of many of them.

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