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Dr. Mary Jennings' Editorial: Making my Eyes Twitch!

Every now and then a policy comes through that is so irritating that it makes my eyes twitch. The latest one comes from Medicare. Like most irritating policies, it was created with the best of intentions.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed the healthcare playing field in many ways. Several government agencies are struggling to write rules to fit this new act. One of the drivers for the creation of these new rules is cutting the costs created by fraud.

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The Alliance of the Washington State Dental Association (AWSDA) has created two funds to support the dental community of Washington State.
Grant Guidelines:
• There is approximately $5,500.00 in each fund.
• Fund #1 is to supply toothbrushes to those in need – up to 500 per project. It may be for a free dental clinic, a safe house program, or other not-for-profit organization.
• Fund #2 is to be used for grants of $500 to $1,000 to support community dental health projects. Projects might be educating children about good oral hygiene or educating youth about the dangers of smoking and meth mouth.

  • All toothbrushes and project grants must be used for dental health in Washington state.
The Alliance believes in supporting our dental communities and looks forward to hearing from you. You can request a copy of the grant by writing to

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Gender and Dentistry: A Conversation

Editor’s note: We were merely lucky, or prescient? Last issue we covered race and dentistry, and weeks after the issue dropped, race and basketball became the number one topic of the nation, superceding even the mystery of Flight 370. 

Then, on May 14, the
Denver Post ran a piece stating that “An internal review at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine found a ‘generalized’ perception that the school climate is especially adverse to African-Americans. The perception, according to the report, may be so pervasive that it has affected the school’s reputation.”( 

Race equality, it would seem, still haunts us in the U.S. For this issue, we wanted to know what role, if any, gender plays in dentistry — factoring in school, practice, and professional social organizations in the state.

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