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King 5 Posts Follow Up Article with Raw Footage of Dwyer's Interview

The text of the story is included below. Click here to go the King 5 page.

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Follow Up to King 5's News Story on WDS

Via WDS's Facebook page, CEO Jim Dwyer apologized to WDS member dentists stating that his remarks in King 5's investigative news story were taken out of context. His apology is below.

Message from Jim Dwyer, CEO:
You may have seen the KING TV news report on May 10, 2012 about Washington Dental Service. I can certainly understand that my comments may have upset some member dentists. Please know that the clips of me were taken from a highly edited interview. Working more hours is one of many strategies dentists are employing to cope with a changing market place and the depressed economy.
I respect and value our member dentists, and I know they are dedicated to providing quality care for their patients. I apologize for the context of the statement.

On behalf of its member dentists, WSDA posted the following comment on King 5's page referencing this story:

Mr. Dwyer’s comments that dentists should “start working five days a week” to make up for the reduction in reimbursement were outrageous and  disrespectful, displaying ignorance

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Watch the King 5 story on WDS

The text of the story is included below. Click here to go the King 5 page.

Executive pay soars as one of Washington state's largest non-profits makes cuts.
King 5 Investigative Report - May 10, 2012

Many dentists in Washington are still reeling from big cuts in payments to providers made last year by the state's largest dental insurer. To make up, dentists say they've had to increase the number of patients they see each day to make up for the losses.

"It's the patient that loses," said longtime north Seattle dentist Dr. Chris Pickel. "We basically have to see more patients. It's something we don't like to do. We want to spend time with people. We like to spend time educating them."
Last year, Washington Dental Service, part of the nationwide Delta Dental network, made across-the-board 15 percent cuts to the fees it pays to dentists for all procedures. WDS said the cuts allowed it to reduce the premiums it charges employers for dental insurance, a move that makes its service more competitive in the marketplace.
All Smiles for Top Executives

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King 5 Investigates WDS Tonight

This evening, King 5 News in Seattle will run an investigative piece on exectuive compensation at WDS. The piece will run on the 10 pm news on KONG (Channel 6) and on the 11 pm news on King (Channel 5).

Click here to watch a preview of the piece. The entire story will be posted on the blog once it is made available.