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WSDA Declines Invitation to Meet with Dwyer

Dear WSDA Membership,

Recently, there have been several invitations to Officers and staff of the WSDA to have dinner with Jim Dwyer, CEO of Washington Dental Service. The stated reasons were to open lines of communication and to get to know Mr. Dwyer. These invitations have been declined.

The WSDA is clearly on

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King 5 Reports on WSDA Letter to WDS Directors

Last night, King 5 news reported on WSDA's letter to the WDS Board of Directors. The story is attached below or can be found on the King 5 website.

Dentists question 'fitness' of CEO to lead insurance company
by CHRIS INGALLS / KING 5 Investigators

Washington dentists are calling for action against the CEO of the state's largest dental insurer.

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Letter to WDS Board of Directors

In response to the comments that were made earlier this month by WDS CEO James Dwyer, the WSDA sent an idividually addressed letter to each member of the WDS Board of Directors questioning Dwyer's "fitness to continue to represent the state’s largest dental insurer." You may view a copy of the letter by clicking on the image below.

May172012 runs story on Dwyer's Comments

WSDA President Dr. Rod Wentworth was interviewed in a story that was published today on In the piece, Dr. Wentworth dicusses WDS CEO James Dwyer's comments about dentists only working 3.5 to 4 days a week. The entire story is posted below or can be read at

Dentists up in arms over WDS CEO comments
By Donna Domino, Features Editor

May 17, 2012 -- Washington Dental Service's (WDS) CEO James Dwyer has offered a qualified apology for saying that dentists should work more to make up for deep reimbursement cuts the company made last year to some 4,000 dentists in the plan's network.

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