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WDIA · Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency

We’re committed to you in every way — price, service, product — and to that end, we’ve gathered a team of insurance specialists who know products and the needs of dental professionals. We’re here for you when you need us most, and because the Washington Dentists Insurance Agency is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WSDA, you benefit from choosing us as your insurance provider in many ways. Not only do we provide great service and pricing, but 100% of commissions earned by WDIA above operating costs are returned to WSDA to help keep your annual membership dues low, make the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference a success, sponsor dental seminars, workshops, dental legislative efforts, and the UW School of Dentistry. Contact us today 206.441.6824 · 800.282.9342 ·


The Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency is hitting all its notes right now: a successful quarter, new products that meet or exceed the needs of dentists in Washington…

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WDIA looks ahead: Protect your practice and livelihood with the correct insurance

Life is an adventure that should be lived to its fullest and without worry, no doubt. But with the current state of the nation and economy, virtually everyone is susceptible to financial difficulty. Now more than ever, the Washington Dentists Insurance Agency (WDIA) encourages member dentists to be prepared...

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