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Mobile GPS: Six ways to use mobile technology to grow your practice in 2013 (Part 2)

Recently on The Source, we turned our attention to the ways to use mobile technology and explored three ways to grow your practice. If you missed those tips, please click here

In Part 2, we will cover the next three ways to use mobile technology to grow your practice. This blog series is based on The Sesame Guide to Practice Success (GPS): Six ways to use mobile technology to grow your practice in 2013.

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The Source is Full of Exclusive Member Discounts

Have you checked out The Source, a member's only online business resource center, for additional money saving discounts, webinars, articles, and valuable office resources?

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PORTFOLIO LONGEVITY: What Constitutes an Optimally Designed Investment Portfolio?

 Portfolio Longevity: The successful conversion of retirement savings into a secure, sustainable stream of income requires three things:

A comprehensive financial plan—outlining how much, when and how to withdraw from your portfolio—is the foundation for a well-designed retirement income strategy;

Sophisticated portfolio design—including extreme diversification across multiple asset classes, companies and countries, customized for your unique vision and risk tolerance profile—positions the investment and retirement income strategy for success;

Beyond-the-market portfolio management—the big-picture implementation and oversight of your portfolio design—can generate incremental return beyond that derived from the portfolio design itself. 

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NORDIC offers powerful Risk Management Tools on The Source

It is NORDIC's philosophy that a claim averted is always preferable to a lawsuit won. We focus on reducing the frequency and severity of malpractice claims by developing quality dental  education, informative presentations, and publications to help you reduce malpractice exposure. Take a look at the tools available on The Source - then read the self-study guide and complete the quiz. You'll not only learn how to reduce you risk, but you'll also receive a discount on services and CDE credit once you pass the quiz.