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The insurance you'll need for your business loan

Visit Washington Dentists' Insurance Agency at The Source
Summer is a busy time when many dental practices are being purchased, startup practices are opening, and many offices are remodeling or just refinancing their business loans. Whether obtaining a loan to purchase a practice or refinancing an existing loan, your lender will require insurance for collateralization.

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Practice Expanding? Use A Professional!

Special to the WSDA News · Stuart Silk, Stuart Silk Architects

There are times in every dentist’s career when it is time to expand, remodel, update, or move to a new property. While you have been busy running your practice and paying the bills, you have likely noticed many things you would improve upon in another location. Moving to a new property, because you have simply outgrown your current space or want a better location, is both exciting and a little daunting. 

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WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE: Social Media- Pictures Say 1,000 Words

Social Media— Pictures Say 1,000 Words is the latest webinar presented by Sesame Communications and the WSDA to be posted to The Source.

About the webinar: Pictures make it possible to absorb large amounts of information quickly. Incorporating images into Facebook will drive significantly higher engagement within your Facebook community. This webinar will cover what Facebook users look at when they visit your page and what graphics evoke the best response. Participants will receive a year's worth of bi-weekly dental specific graphics to post on your own social media sites.


Exclusive Discounts and Benefits for WSDA Members and Their Staff

The Source, the WSDA's award winning business resource center, contains exclusive member discounts, regulatory updates, webinars, valuable tools and information on the Affordable Care Act.

Check out the exclusive member discounts below!

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