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What You Should Know About Your Malpractice Carrier

    As I sit here and think about NORDIC’s history, it’s almost impossible to believe the company is now in its 25th year. NORDIC got its start when the WSDA approached Physicians Insurance, a highly successful physician-owned malpractice carrier in Washington State, to create a similar approach for insuring dentists. I remember those days well— we called it “dialing for dentists” — one step at a time, asking local dentists to support this fledgling company; their company.

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Employment Liability: Got a case of the nerves or peace of mind?

As many American businesses continued to downsize in 2011, a whopping 99,947 claims for discrimination were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In the agency’s 46 year history, it was the largest number of cases ever filed.

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NORDIC offers powerful Risk Management Tools on The Source

It is NORDIC's philosophy that a claim averted is always preferable to a lawsuit won. We focus on reducing the frequency and severity of malpractice claims by developing quality dental  education, informative presentations, and publications to help you reduce malpractice exposure. Take a look at the tools available on The Source - then read the self-study guide and complete the quiz. You'll not only learn how to reduce you risk, but you'll also receive a discount on services and CDE credit once you pass the quiz. 



NORDIC · Northwest Dentists Insurance Company

Providing you with coverage created specifically for dental practices is only part of the equation; personalized and thorough service is what you can expect. Whether you speak directly with a NORDIC representative or with a Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency representative, we are committed to working with you to determine your level of need and providing you with outstanding expertise and service. Contact us today: 800-662-4075  · 206-343-7800 · 206-441-6824 or email us at