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Special thanks to Steve Steinberg of the UW for the images of the event

Over 100 students and mentors attended the 20th annual Mentor Reception held November 20th at the Burke Museum. The Reception, held in conjunction with the UW Dental Alumni group has undergone a bit of a transformation in the last few years to increase the visibility of the program and encourage participation both on behalf of the students and the mentors. The effects of this increased effort are clear with 20 percent more students participating in the program and an 11 percent increase in WSDA members taking part and volunteering their time and expertise to mentor a student.

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Top Six Myths About The Mentor Program

Take a minute to think back to when you were in dental school. If you didn’t have a mentor, would having one have helped you? If you did have a mentor, are you ready to pay that experience forward? Students at the UWSoD need you — your experience, your knowledge, and even your shoulder — best of all, it's not hard to do. Sign up here

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