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WSDA Wins Three Membership Awards from ADA · Suite Challenge Returns

The ADA recently announced that the WSDA won three membership-related awards for state associations with 2,001 - 3,500 active members: Greatest Percentage of Nonmembers to Membership, Most Improved Active Member Retention Rate, and the Greatest Net Gain in Membership. Kudos for these awards go to Task Force on Membership and Laura Rohlman, Manager of Membership Services, for their hard work and dedication to programs like the Job Fair, the Suite Challenge, and outreach to young dentists across the state — all of which have strengthened the WSDA brand among young and seasoned dentists, alike. 

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PEER REVIEW: The best benefit of membership you may not know about


In an increasingly litigious society, Peer Review may be one of the best member benefits that you don't know about. It can save you the headache of having to engage an attorney to defend yourself against patient claims that may or may not be valid, take years to resolve, and could easily spiral into tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees and lost revenue

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The Oso Mudslide: How You Can Help

Seattle-King County Dental Society is helping in the effort to identify people lost in the Oso Mudslide that occurred on Saturday, March 22, burying nearly 50 properties in an area known as Steelhead Haven, four miles east of Oso, Wash. 37 are confirmed dead in the tragedy, seven people remain missing.

The Society is trying to find dentists with dental records for Steven Hadaway, age 53, and Michael Pearson, age 74. Anyone with dental records for these two individuals should contact the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office directly at (425) 438-6200.

ADA Professional Product Review examines handpiece burns, surface disinfectants and more

Can I wear a short sleeve lab jacket when it's hot? What does OSHA say about scrubs? Can high-level disinfectants, such as those that contain glutaraldehyde, be used for surface disinfection?

The current issue of the ADA Professional Product Review examines those questions and much more.
The ADA Professional Product Review is a quarterly publication of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs. Clinically relevant, scientifically sound, unbiased, and timely.
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