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House of Delegates awards WSDA Executive Director Steve Hardymon Honorary Membership in the WSDA

WSDA Executive Director Mr. Stephen Hardymon was awarded honorary WSDA membership at the 2014 House of Delegates in recognition of his nearly 21 years of dedicated service to the WSDA. “Without Steve Hardymon,” said WSDA Immediate Past President, Dr. David Minahan, “We might never have taken the steps needed to secure the future of the WSDA. He’s passionate about organized dentistry and his work is reflective of that passion.” 

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Child's Play: Raising Serious Money While Having Fun At The House Of Delegates

Most people don't think of Rock, Paper, Scissors as anything other than a child's game, but most people aren't Dr. Greg Ogata, newly elected President of the WSDA.

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The WSDA would like to introduce the four members who won election to the Board of Directors at the 2014 House of Delegates. They are Dr. Ted Baer, Dr. Marissa Bender, Dr. Cynthia Pauley and Dr. Jim Reid. Baer and Reid won re-election, while Bender and Pauley are new members to the Board. 

In other HOD election news, Dr. Greg Ogata was elected WSDA President, Dr. Bryan Edgar was elected President-elect, Dr. Nathan Russell was elected to the Committee on Budget and Finance, Dr. Miki Suetsugu was elected to the Committee on Government Affairs, and Drs. Bruce Kinney, Sammy Pak and Oleg Shvarstur won spots as ADA Delegates.

Congratulations and welcome to all!

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2014 House of Delegates, Day Two

Friday is a busy day at the WSDA House of delegates, with debate starting early in the morning. The Memorial ceremony is always a reverent moment in the day, one where delegates acknowledge deaths in their component societies. Later, Executive Director Steve Hardymon and outgoing President Dr. David Minahan said heartfelt goodbyes to the House.