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Everett, Port Orchard, Renton City Councils Revisit Water Fluoridation

 In the past six months, the City Councils of Everett, Port Orchard and Renton have been reviewing whether they will continue the practice of fluoridating their water supplies. Next week, the Renton City Council will have public hearing on community water fluoridation in their community. Similar hearings were held by City Councils in Everett and Port Orchard earlier this year.

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Flouridated water a safe, low-cost public health tool

By Dr. Gary Goldbaum and Stephen J. Lee, DDS

Opinions about the safety of our community's drinking water were expressed in the March 24 guest commentary, "Fluoridated water supply: Utility should have to prove its safety." We'd like to present the facts.

Twenty years ago this spring, the City of Everett began adding fluoride to its public drinking water. Fluoride exists naturally in virtually all water supplies. Water is "fluoridated" when a public water system adjusts the fluoride to a level known to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is simple, safe and inexpensive, and has contributed significantly to the remarkable decline in tooth decay in the United States since the practice began in 1945.

From the early 1970s to the present, the proportion of adolescents with tooth decay has decreased from 90 percent to 60 percent. Among adults the number of teeth with cavities decreased from 18 to 10. Although these are notable declines in tooth decay, it remains the most common chronic disease of childhood.
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