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SNACKING OURSELVES SICK — Editorial · Dr. Mary Jennings, Editor, WSDA News

   A few months ago, I was surprised to find myself assigned to the ADA Task Force on Childhood Nutrition. I was surprised because while I know as much about nutrition as the next dentist, I find it difficult to put my

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Hidden Losses: Workplace theft is more common than you might imagine. How to protect your practice.

By Alan Wicks, General Counsel to WSDA

Businesses of nearly every size and kind have an inherent exposure to financial loss due to employee dishonesty. Dentists are not immune. In fact, there are some characteristics of dental practices which might add to the risk. These include: small staffs with limited oversight or review; broad authority often delegated to a single individual; the large volume of relatively small transactions; and very busy practitioners. 

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I am…disappointed · Editorial by Dr. Mary Jennings

I have been irritated with the Kellogg Foundation since this whole DHAT thing in Alaska started. Why would a foundation worth eight billion dollars originally seeded

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I thought Id seen it all

When one gets to a certain age and stage in life, one begins to assume that there are not very many more surprises out there. Sure we might have a surprisingly sunny day in Seattle or a surprise e-mail from an old friend, but Im talking about concept surprises. Boy was I really surprised recently...

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