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Legal News: Aiding or abetting

Alan Wicks, WSDA General CounselThere are a lot of rules which pertain to the practice of dentistry. Timely renewal of your own dental license is one of them. Less obvious, but very important, is to verify the valid existence and timely renewal of licenses for your associates and dental staff members.

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Covering the WDS Issue: Keeping you informed!


Being a strong-minded, independent lass, I am always surprised and delighted when someone does something thoughtful for me. It has come to my attention that some of us may have forgotten the thoughtful way WSDA has handled Washington Dental Services reduction in fees.

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Guest Editorial: Dr. John R. Liu

By Dr. John R. Liu, Managing Partner, Eastside Pediatric Dental Group

It has been over four months since we dropped out as members of Washington Dental Service. I have to admit, it has hurt our bottom line significantly as former patients choose to leave and seek dental care

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SNACKING OURSELVES SICK — Editorial · Dr. Mary Jennings, Editor, WSDA News

   A few months ago, I was surprised to find myself assigned to the ADA Task Force on Childhood Nutrition. I was surprised because while I know as much about nutrition as the next dentist, I find it difficult to put my

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