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2014 Citizens of the Year: Drs. Amy Winston and Bart Johnson

Each year, WSDA members from across the state nominate one of their own to receive the Association’s highest honor, the Citizen of the Year Award. Steeped in tradition, the award honors the dentist who has displayed exemplary service to the community through civic/charitable activities, whether dental-related or not. 

This year, rather than choosing just one recipient, the Committee on Recognition chose two: Drs. Bart Johnson and Amy Winston, the workhorse partnership behind four charitable programs in Seattle (five, if you count the staggering amount of uncompensated care they provide at their private practice) designed to create access for some of the state’s most vulnerable populations — medically-complex and challenging patients, the poor and the uninsured, and patients with cancer and renal failure.

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Do you know someone who gives back to the community? Nominate them for Citizen of the Year!

Nomination deadline is May 30 · Nominate here

Each year the WSDA requests nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award from its members, looking for exemplary service to the community. The work should be based on civic activities not affiliated with organized dentistry, and can include any number of activities and organizations such as service organizations, schools, non-salaried government positions or church sponsored community activities.

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Dr. Raymond Damazo named 2014 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient

Our very own Dr. Raymond S. Damazo (WSDA's 2013 Citizen of the Year) has been named the 2014 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient, the ADA announced recently.

"It took me a few days to contact him and notify him of the award because he was busy traveling in Africa, doing humanitarian work," said ADA President Charles H. Norman. "Dr. Damazo has spent more than 45 years alleviating human suffering and improving the quality of life and oral health of individuals abroad, including serving remote villages along the Amazon and developing and implementing a mobile clinic that provides free, modern care to people living in the bush areas of Kenya and Tanzania."

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“Things were looking up. I felt a touch of cockiness for defeating our first black hole. Then Gail, who was standing near the trailer, shouted an alarm, “Buffalo!” A male Cape Buffalo had appeared out of nowhere and was heading in our direction at a fast pace, hostilely shaking his massive curved horns back and forth.”
­­— From Safari Dentist, by Dr. Ray Damazo

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Raymond Damazo and his wife Gail traveled to Africa twice a year, delivering humanitarian dental care to the African people while marveling at the vast reaches of Kenya and the bounty of its wildlife. In his book, Safari Dentist, Damazo details scores of stories like the one above — putting the reader face-to-horn with all manner of wild things — using keen humor to detail near-misses by charging elephants, the demands of an oft-married Masaai Warrior, and the skills required to keep their rolling operatory rolling.

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