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2014 House of Delegates, Day Two

Friday is a busy day at the WSDA House of delegates, with debate starting early in the morning. The Memorial ceremony is always a reverent moment in the day, one where delegates acknowledge deaths in their component societies. Later, Executive Director Steve Hardymon and outgoing President Dr. David Minahan said heartfelt goodbyes to the House.


2014 House of Delegates, Day One

Day one of the House of Delegates was filled with candidate speeches and critical issues information including a LifeMap presentation as the 2014 convened in Vancouver, Wash. 



On Friday, September 12th, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) held a public meeting to discuss ongoing business. Here are some of the current issues before the commission:

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Annie Spalding: Recycling Queen

Annie Spalding never really set out to have a mission — she was a dental hygienist with a fulfilling career when her life took a terrible, tragic turn. “I lost my brother and grandparents to cancer in a five year period,” she says. Spalding and her mother were cancer survivors, too — and that, coupled with the losses put her in a slump. “I had to figure it out, “ she explains, “I needed to know why I was still here. Instead, I asked myself a different question —‘What is it that I love?’ You have to follow what you love to do, otherwise our life is pointless.”

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