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We've got your back - Dr. Mary Jennings

One of the many reasons I chose to be a community health dentist was because I thought I would not have to discuss money with my patients. Foolish me. I discuss it all the time. The hard part is that some of my patients weep when they discover the high cost of dentistry.

In light of the recent WDS debacle, quite a few of us are discussing money and what is fair for patients, employers, insurance companies and dentists. It feels like war but it is not. It is business, and it is hard business.

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Catching up with Dr. Joel Berg

One year into operations, and they’re just about up to speed at the UW’s Center for Pediatric Dentistry, a joint operation between the UWSoD and Seattle Children’s hospital, located in the old Navy base at Magnuson Park.

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Dr. “Ric” Prael’s impressive legacy lives on in his children

For years, Dr. Frederick “Ric” Prael was the embodiment of selfless giving, donating time and money to causes in his Whidbey Island community and beyond.

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Dr. Divis Seeks Clarity from WSDA on Antitrust Laws

I believe it would be appropriate for WSDA’s legal counsil to cite the law with specific references to the extent to which dentist may speak to one another and (or) with practice consultants regarding fees and fee structures. In this instance misunderstanding of the law could result in prosecution or alternatively a major change in the practice of dentistry as we know it. I don’t understand how simply speaking about ones fee structure to a college could violate anti-trust law. That sounds like freedom of speech to me, not necsicarily price fixing. Some clarity from our leadership would be appreciated.

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