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A History of Erosion at WDS - Dexter E. Barnes, DDS

About 1985, WDS let it be known that they were creating a capitation dental plan at the request of Boeing. There was a lot of protest raised at the informational meeting by providers, but WDS continued forward and the capitation plan still exists as an option — but it only represents a small portion of the WDS book of businesses.

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Webinar Recording: Economic Effects of WDS Fee Reduction

With WDS’s announcement of a fee reduction, the Washington State Dental Association (WSDA) believes it is important for members to thoroughly evaluate the economic structure of their practices to better understand how this fee decrease will impact them. To help facilitate this analysis, the WSDA hosted two complimentary webinars.

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WDS 2010 Management's Discussion & Analysis

The WSDA was asked for more information regarding WDS. Click here to view the 2010 management's discussion and analysis provided to the department of insurance.


WSDA's News Release Regarding WDS Fee Reduction

On Wednesday, April 27, the WSDA released a statement regarding the Washington Dental Service's planned reduction in reimbursement rates to participating dentists. Click here to read.