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What Communications Does a Patient Receive if a Dentist Drops WDS?


ADA's "Antitrust Laws in Dentistry"

“A primer of “DOs, DON’Ts and HOW TOs” .
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What Kind of Dentistry Would You Want For Your Family and Self? - Kelley Fisher DDS

Quality, Comprehensive, Conservative, Beautiful…this is the kind of dentistry that I would want for my family, my friends, my patients, my self. These are the things I would like to emphasize to my valued patients. I truly believe that if you care for people and take the time to listen to patients, they will place their trust in your care and not the care of a third party insurance company. The problem in the last few years has been the volume of patients that need to be seen for sufficient reimbursement to occur. When the volume is high, the relationship between the doctor and patient is sacrificed and the trust quickly declines. Patients begin to question treatment, dentists begin to work on strangers and the quality of dentistry and communication goes down. I am embracing the changes that WDS is making as an opportunity to spend more time with my health centered patients and less time trying to get reimbursed from insurance.
-Kelley Fisher DDS


WDS's Letter Announcing Reduction in Reimbursement Rates

Click here to view a copy of the letter, dated May 6, from WDS to patients, announcing reduction in reimbursement rates to dentists.