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CDWS Responds to WDS's Latest Communication

Click here to read the Concerned Dentists of Washington State's response to Washington Dental Service's letter to members titled "A Few Facts You May Not Know about WDS's Governance"


WDS Special Meeting

Dental Colleagues,

Please make it a top priority to attend the upcoming WDS special meeting. What will it cost you if you have to cancel patients for one day, assuming you work on Fridays ? This meeting will not reverse the surprise and abrupt fee decrease from June 15, 2011. But it may help prevent similar surprises in the future which will cost you a lot more than one day’s overhead expense and income. See John Weaver’s post; he says it like it is ! The Concerned Dentists of Washington State want to thank everyone for any support you have so far given toward the cause.

-Kal Klass, CDWS


Dr. John Weaver Urges You to Attend the WDS Special Meeting

Many of you already know my position on WDS and the recent changes. It has been said that I “have it made” or “have made my money” or that “it is not your fight or going to affect you” or that “great for you to preach and say things when we are the ones living and practicing today.” I guess I have caused some resentment or suspicion of my motives for my writings and statements about WDS and the profession. I am and always have been passionate about the profession and it is unfortunate if this was the reaction. If so, happily this may very well be my final rant on the subject. However, for credibility’s sake, I must point out that I have lived through 3rd party intrusive attempts twice in my 33 years in practice AND that I am still in practice half time. So, I am still affected by all of this, but also have perspectives derived from years in the game that I hoped to make more valuable, more worth my struggles in obtaining them, by sharing them. Being threatened over a longer time span by WDS, I can understand the above reactions by those with more “time-skin-in-the-game” than myself, but discounting a message often is a strategy to lessen the distress the message may cause. But does that serve us very well?

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Around the world: WSDA Members Give Back

Each year, WSDA members donate thousands of dollars worth of services in their practices and around the country.

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