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King 5 Follows WDS Story


UW SoD Class of 2014 Announces Online Charity Auction

The University of Washington School of Dentistry class of 2014 has created an online auction portal to raise funds to finance their student-run dental charity work throughout Washington. So far, they have nearly 75 tremendous listings for auction, with a MSRP of over $100,000!

Their auction site is now open to accept bids. All listings close on May 20th, 2011, and new items may be added throughout the three-week auction, so please check back frequently.

There are several categories of items which may interest members, and with bids starting at roughly a third of original MSRP, you could be getting a FANTASTIC deal on services you may need while also helping out tremendous causes. Some of the highlight items are: CE by renowned doctors like Dr. John Kois, custom website design services, Practice Coaching seminars with travel included for your team, and even Ducati motorcycles!

Please go to: to start bidding! Also, please pass this link on to dental school classmates, colleagues, or anyone else in the dental community!

Happy bidding!


WSDA's News Release Regarding WDS Fee Reduction

On Wednesday, April 27, the WSDA released a statement regarding the Washington Dental Service's planned reduction in reimbursement rates to participating dentists. Click here to view.


Welcome to the WSDA Blog!

We have been asked by our members to create a forum where they can access all info on the WDS fee reduction and share their experiences. The creation of this blog is subject to changes and discontinuation at any time. All submissions are reviewed. There is no assurance a submission will be posted.

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