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2011 Citizen of the year, Dr. Mike Karr, and his wife, Cheryl

Each year the WSDA requests nominations for its most prestigious award, the Citizen of the Year. The WSDA is looking for those members who have displayed exemplary service to the community through civic activities. This may include service with organizations, schools, non-salaried government positions or church sponsored community activities. Volunteer work does not have to be dental related.   

The award is presented at the Citizen of the Year banquet held during the annual House of Delegates meeting in September. This year the banquet will be held on September 14th in Walla Walla. Last year’s winner was Dr. Mike Karr, recognized for his tireless work in Haiti, Tanzania/Uganda, the Philippines, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Nominations may be made by an individual member of the WSDA, a component dental society, or staff of a WSDA member dentist. The deadline for nominations is April 26.

To submit your nomination, please click here to complete the form

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Interested in running for elected office in the WSDA? Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Douglas Walsh, Immediate Past President of the WSDA and Chair, Task force on Nominations, has put out a call for recommendations for elected positions within the Association. Submission deadline is June 21, 2012.

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We are excited to announce the development of a 2012 PNDC mobile application! Available in mid-April, attendees will be able to download the application on their smart phones and iPads to build schedules, browse exhibitors, join a scavenger hunt, and much more. Stay tuned!


2012 Legislature: Regular Session Adjourns, Special Session Begins

Last Thursday, March 8, marked the end of the 2012 60-day legislative session. The regular session proved to be very eventful but the Legislature failed to pass a supplemental budget to close the $500 million shortfall in state’s current two year operating budget. As a result, Governor Chris Gregoire convened a special legislative session focused on passing a supplemental budget and other large budget issues. Special legislative sessions carry restrictions that do not exist during regular legislative sessions. Therefore, the Legislature can only focus on budget issues during this special session and cannot deliberate on other policy issues. Here’s a breakdown on what happened on the major legislation that WSDA followed during 2012 regular session:

What Passed:

SB 5620
SB 5620 authorizes the creation of certified dental anesthesia assistants (CDAA). CDAAs will be allowed to assistant oral surgeons will patient monitoring, initiate and discontinue intravenous lines, administer emergency medications, and perform are duties under direct verbal command. The Dental Quality Assurance Commission will now begin writing rule for the new law.

SB 6131
SB 6131 was a minor technical amendment to Washington’s bulk mercury law which takes effect in June. SB 6131 clarifies that dental amalgam and other commercial devices containing mercury (such as switches used in airplanes) are not included in a ban on the sale, purchase, or distribution of bulk mercury. SB 6131 was supported by the Department of Ecology, WSDA, and several business groups.

HB 2319
HB 2319 is Governor and Insurance Commissioner requested legislation for implementing the federal affordable care act in Washington. HB 2319 clarifies the responsibilities of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board of Directors, what health benefits must be included in health plans, and market rules for health plans offered inside and outside of the exchange. Under federal law, pediatric dental benefits must be offered in health plans offered in the exchange but HB 2319 requires that all dental plans must be offered separate from medical plans to ensure that consumers can more easily compare dental insurance options. WSDA will continue to monitor how the affordable care act will be implemented in Washington and advocate for the best interests of the profession and dental patients.

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