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"The Savage Front Desk" Webinar Recording

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Dr. Rhonda Savage, CEO of the WSDA endorsed Miles Global, presented a complimentary webinar adressing the following learning objectives:

• Division of Duties
• Four Scheduling Tips
• Dealing With Broken Appointments
• Recall and Reactivation

To view the webinar recording and/or register for our next complimentary webinar, visit

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Register for the PNDC Online and SAVE Today!

 Register for the 2012 PNDC online today and save!



2012 PNDC: Get on the Ball!

Join Timothy J. Caruso at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference for his workshop 150 Years of Modern Dentistry: Survival of the Fittest... Get on the Ball! on Friday, June 15.

For years, dental professionals have been constrained by the limitations of their own work environment and the negative effect on their bodies while paying a high price physically. The concept of caring for our most important instrument, our body, is invaluable and often ignored. Does your fitness affect your function? Can a little chairside prevention enhance your career?

In this hands-on workshop, participants will be lead through a simple series of exercises on an exercise ball designed specifically for dental professionals in order to help combat the muscle imbalances that typically plague seated workers. Join us for this fun and powerful workout that will reeducate your core, improve your spinal alignment and your posture. All participants will receive their very own Evolution Chair, valued at $149!

Learning Objectives

• Learn chair side operatory exercises for daily prevention
• Learn the concept of dynamic sitting & incorporating the concept into the dental work day
• Explore home exercise programs to supplement work stretching for the busy dental professional
• Identify options for counter acting musculoskeletal fatigue and discomfort with regular exercise
• Identify the physiological benefits of regular exercise
• Get on the ball!

Friday, June 15 from 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Code 14
Friday, June 15 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Code 15 (repeat)
CDE Credit: 3 hours
Fee: $145

Space is limited! Click here to register.


Hidden Losses: Workplace theft is more common than you might imagine. How to protect your practice.

By Alan Wicks, General Counsel to WSDA

Businesses of nearly every size and kind have an inherent exposure to financial loss due to employee dishonesty. Dentists are not immune. In fact, there are some characteristics of dental practices which might add to the risk. These include: small staffs with limited oversight or review; broad authority often delegated to a single individual; the large volume of relatively small transactions; and very busy practitioners. 

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