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Insurance Coordinator

I’m wondering if any other dental practices are having problems with WDS approving, allowing and stating an amount they will pay for a procedure, on the Predetermination, then denying final payment based on a history violation that was not stated on the Predetermination. Patients are making what they believe are educated decisions to proceed with treatment based on these documents. What’s next?

-Deb Boardman


Will WDS Influence How Care is Delivered? - Chris Pickel, DDS

On April 4th, Washington Dental Service announced they were lowering the fees for all Premier and PPO programs. As many WDS member dentists have reported, the fee decrease is an average of 15 percent of their existing filed fees. WDS explains in a letter to members that the decision was necessary due to the challenges they are experiencing with increased competition from their competitors, particularly “low cost insurers.” In order to reduce the cost of their premiums, they had to reduce the fees paid to providers. On their web page, in the frequently asked questions section for providers, they state it is unlikely that provider compensation will go up again.

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What Communications Does a Patient Receive if a Dentist Drops WDS?


ADA's "Antitrust Laws in Dentistry"

“A primer of “DOs, DON’Ts and HOW TOs” .
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