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2012 PNDC: Pre-registration ends June 8

If you have colleagues who are planning to attend the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference and have not registered yet, it's not too late! While online registration is now closed, attendees can still submit a paper registration form and pick up their conference materials at the Will Call desk on-site.

Please access the registration form here. We are looking forward to another great conference!

Do you want to add someone to your current registration? Did you forget to sign up for a workshop? Email Danielle at


WSDA Declines Invitation to Meet with Dwyer

Dear WSDA Membership,

Recently, there have been several invitations to Officers and staff of the WSDA to have dinner with Jim Dwyer, CEO of Washington Dental Service. The stated reasons were to open lines of communication and to get to know Mr. Dwyer. These invitations have been declined.

The WSDA is clearly on

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SNACKING OURSELVES SICK — Editorial · Dr. Mary Jennings, Editor, WSDA News

   A few months ago, I was surprised to find myself assigned to the ADA Task Force on Childhood Nutrition. I was surprised because while I know as much about nutrition as the next dentist, I find it difficult to put my

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May312012 Runs Story on Dental Management Legislation and the FTC

The attached story on dental management legislation and the Federal Trade Commission was published today on The entire story is posted below or can be read at

FTC opposes NC dental management legislation
By Kathy Kincade, Editor in Chief

May 31, 2012 -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a letter to the North Carolina General Assembly stating its opposition to pending legislation that would give the state dental board more control over contracts between dentists and out-of-state dental management chains.

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