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"Excellent New Patient Guidelines" Webinar Recording

We had another fantastic turn out for our member's only complimentary webinar earlier this month. Dr. Rhonda Savage, CEO of the WSDA endorsed Miles Global, presented an hour long course filled with valuable content on how to interact with and retain new patients. Tips and procedures were presented that could be implemented into your practice immediately. See for yourself and watch the recording.


Rob McKenna Fundraiser Report

DentPAC would like to thank all of those who contributed to and attended the grassroots fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna. More than 50 dentists, dental students, and spouses

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Bloomberg: Dental Abuse Seen Driven by Private Equity Investments

Attached is a piece that ran on last week on corporate dental practices in other states. The entire story is included below or can be found here.

Dental Abuse Seen Driven by Private Equity Investments
Bloomberg News - May 16, 2012

Isaac Gagnon stepped off the school bus sobbing last October and opened his mouth to show his mother where it hurt.

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May172012 runs story on Dwyer's Comments

WSDA President Dr. Rod Wentworth was interviewed in a story that was published today on In the piece, Dr. Wentworth dicusses WDS CEO James Dwyer's comments about dentists only working 3.5 to 4 days a week. The entire story is posted below or can be read at

Dentists up in arms over WDS CEO comments
By Donna Domino, Features Editor

May 17, 2012 -- Washington Dental Service's (WDS) CEO James Dwyer has offered a qualified apology for saying that dentists should work more to make up for deep reimbursement cuts the company made last year to some 4,000 dentists in the plan's network.

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