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Dr. Peter Lubisich IV, Sandy Hardymon and Dr. Chris Herzog take home honors at the 2012 House of Delegates

Dr. Peter Lubisich IV (left) and Dr. Rod Wentworth

Dr. Rod Wentworth, Sandy Hardymon and Dr. Christopher Herzog

Dr. Peter Lubisich IV was named Citizen of the Year at the 2012 WSDA House of Delegates. Also honored for their commitment to WSDA were Sandy Hardymon, Executive Director of the Washington Oral Health Foundation, and Dr. Christopher Herzog, WSDA Board of Directors member. Look for the complete story in the October issue of the WSDA News!

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Validating the integrity of your retirement plan

 A prospective client recently came to Mercer Advisors for an analysis of what he believed was a well-constructed and comprehensive financial/retirement plan. He still had a number of questions pertaining to his timing, lifestyle and payout options, was planning to retire in the near future, and had been assured by his employer’s in-house financial planning team that he could do so easily, and without worry.

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2012 House of Delegates Resolutions

The 2012 House of Delegates convened on September 13, 2012, to vote on resolutions put forth by the Board of Directors and component societies, as well as to vote on officer, board, ADA, and committee positions.  

Following vigorous debate, the House approved two of this year's central resolutions: HD-13-2012 (with amendments), an alternative to dental midlevel providers (click here for more information), and HD-05-2012, a resolution removing the $125 special assessment as scheduled, resulting in a $125 reduction to the WSDA portion of tripartite dues for full-paying members. 

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Dr. Theresa Cheng: Restoring Our Veterans

“On May 25, 2004, my son, Army Specialist Rory Dunn, was on escort duty for a civil service team just outside Fallujah, when a daisy-chained IED hidden in a tree overhanging the road on which he was traveling was detonated by remote control as his Humvee passed underneath.

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