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Vice President Candidates debate at House of Delegates

Vice Presidential candidates Dr. Greg Ogata (left) and Dr. Laura Williams, debate one another at the 2012 House of Delegates.



Dr. Laura Williams


Dr. Greg Ogata


Outgoing WSDA President Rod Wentworth honored

ADA 11th District Trustee presented Roger Kiesling presented Dr. Rod Wentworth with a plaque of appreciation at the 2012 House of Delegates.


Your Delegates at work

Delegates prepare for the first full day at the 2012 WSDA House of Delegates.



"Like" Us on Facebook for 2012 House of Delegates Updates

The 2012 House of Delegates begins tomorrow, September 13th, in Walla Walla.

In an effort to keep you up-to-date with what is happening and the decisions that are being made, we will be consistently updating our WSDA Facebook page with photos and commentary from the various events. To make sure that you see all of our live updates, simply “like” us on Facebook and all of our posts will appear on your newsfeed.

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