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Dr. Theresa Cheng: Restoring Our Veterans

“On May 25, 2004, my son, Army Specialist Rory Dunn, was on escort duty for a civil service team just outside Fallujah, when a daisy-chained IED hidden in a tree overhanging the road on which he was traveling was detonated by remote control as his Humvee passed underneath.

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The 2012 House of Delegates in Pictures


Your WSDA Board of Directors (Not pictured: Dr. Gregory Y. Ogata)

An impassioned group of dentists gathered in Walla Walla, Wash. last week to debate issues pivotal to organized dentistry in Washington — and indeed, the nation. What follows are some of the images from the three-day event.

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Vice President Candidates debate at House of Delegates

Vice Presidential candidates Dr. Greg Ogata (left) and Dr. Laura Williams, debate one another at the 2012 House of Delegates.



Dr. Laura Williams


Dr. Greg Ogata


Outgoing WSDA President Rod Wentworth honored

ADA 11th District Trustee presented Roger Kiesling presented Dr. Rod Wentworth with a plaque of appreciation at the 2012 House of Delegates.